A highly polishable, visible light cure micro-hybrid composite

Shades Available:



SFC 03A1
A2 SFC 03A2
A3   SFC 03A3
A3.5   SFC 03A3.5
A4   SFC 04A4
B1   SFC 03B1
B2   SFC 03B2
B3   SFC 03B3
B4   SFC 03B4
C1   SFC 03C1
C2   SFC 03C2
C3   SFC 03C3
C4   SFC 03C4
D2   SFC 03D2
D3   SFC 03D3
D4   SFC 03D4
Incisal   SFC 03IN
Opaque   SFC 03OP

SFC Flowable Composite

The micro-hybrid formulation ensures that the smaller particles occupy the spaces among the bigger particles to eliminate the resin rich areas in the composite and maximizes the mechanical properties and polishability.

Intended for Use:

1. Ideal for both anterior and posterior applications

2. Pit and Fissure sealants
3. For repairing small defects and fillings in the cervical gaps
4. Cavity liners and fill in difficult access areas before placing condensable composite
5. Temporary Inlays and Onlays
6. Small core build-up
1. Micro-hybrid formulation
2. Easy to polish to high luster
3. High compressive strength
4. Low shrinkage
5. Fluoride releasing
6. Radiopaque
7. Fast and deep light activation (30-40 sec.)
 Technical Data:
1. Nominal particle size: 0.7 micron
2. Filler content: 67% by weight
3. Compressive strength: 290 MPa
4. Diametral tensile strength: 47 MPa
5. Flexural strength: 125 MPa