High quality restorative glass-ionomer product

Kit and Refills:

Dentomer-S Type II Kit
15g Powder, 10g Liquid,
Mixing Pad, Spoon, IFU, MSDS
SFC 02
Dentomer-S Type II Powder
15g Powder Bottle, IFU
Dentomer-S Type II Liquid
10g Liquid Bottle, IFU


Dontomer-S (Type II)

For Use ONLY by a dental professional in the recommended indications
See Instruction for Use (IFU) for contraindications

 1.Self cure powder-liquid system for strong and lasting restorations

 2. Appealing esthetics, biocompatible and chemically bonds to enamel and dentin
 3. Radio-opaque to easily indentify the restoration
 4. Releases fluoride and provides cariostatic protection
 5. Similar coefficient of thermal expansion, and ensures marginal integrity

 1. Cavity filling and core build-up

 2. Liner under composite, amalgam or porcelain restorations
 3. Restorations for class I, III and V cavities
 4. Restoration for partial Class II cavity