At SFC Dental, we always have something new in the works as we continue to research and develop a variety of quality dental restorative products. We are confident that you can count on our products to deliver the results you need, letting you focus on your patients and practice.



Dentomer-S (Type I & II)
High quality restorative glass-ionomer cement products



SFC Flowable Composite The micro-hybrid formulation ensures that the smaller particles occupy the spaces among the bigger particles to eliminate the resin rich areas in the composite and maximizes the mechanical properties and polishability.



Splint-S strips are made with dental resin, reinforced by high performance glass fibers. It simplifies the splinting process by providing pre-impregnated fibers that are properly wetted by the resin, and no need to apply resin during the process. The fiber surfaces are pre-treated to enhance the bonding between fibers and resin.